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Veneeria is the Major Femme Protagonist from Gacha League who makes Her Debut in Put The Record On. She also appears and returns in Gacha Life 2 - The Club and Gacha Life 3 - The WonderEnd where She can be founded in the PTRO Sections.

She is a Water Unit who presumed dates DJ Lyte the Leader of His Own Tribes, Vinyl Club. She tells Xavier what to do after He's mad and battles DJ Lyte that He tells His Elder Brother, DJ Vinyl to punches and tortures His Eyes in any slights.

She was a Friend of DJ Numbers and DJ Rodri, Ally to DJ Sweetzy and DJ Az and Best Friend Forever with Olivia. She is an Enemy of Lupus, Rival of Kilios and Archenemy of DJ Phantom and Cykopath.

She is also voiced by the Japanese Voice Actress, Houko Kuwashima who is also known as Now Soi Fon from Bleach. In Dub titles, She is also voiced by the English Voice Actress, Grey Griffin who also voices Kitana from Legends the revenge of Scorpion.


Ven has Cleavage with White Untidy Hair and Cyan Eyes. She wears a Black Jacket and Blue Pants with Violet Striped Bra, Gloves and Boots. In Alternate Costume, She wears a Black Jacket with a Cyan Shirt, Skirt and Shoes. She wears a White Socks and Upskirt Ass Panties.


She is Loyal, Selfless, Honest, Freedom and Legend. She has a Pure Heart with Her Leader, DJ Lyte and DJ Clonuk and is One of the Good Creators in the Histories the Others was Lucas Lee, Charlotte Mei, Bex and Senpaibuns.

She is a Good Girl who hates and fears All of the Villains and Bullies like Sol, The Corruption, Shadow, Akumu The Nightmare, Neon, Merupo and Pandora. Ms. Ven has a Good Actions in orders to defends Innocent People, Helping Her own Tribes and punishing the Evil Thugs.

Full Synopsis

Past Flashbacks

Veneeria was born with a Wealthy Tribe, a Powerful DJ who appreciates Innocent People, Animals and Natures to consumes Her to have a Best Day. But an Unexpected Guests happens to takes down Everyone Else. She joins a Team named the Vinyl Club and is the Founder of Her Own Tribe.

Lucas Uber is an Inspiring DJ, hopes to be Good as His Elder Brother, DJ Vinyl. He is also a Member of the Vinyl Club and became closes to DJ Clonuk and and Veneeria He now became the Leader of His Club, an Enigmatic Leader of Corruptions ego washes Xavier Mas to invades the Club. Luis tries to defends all of His Friends but an Illegal happens to Xavier's all eyes are destroyed by His Hands and shoots Him. He lately retreats after DJ Clonuk prevents DJ Vinyl what to do that He'll ever stays away from Him. Lucas had been rushes in Hospital and takes down His Birthday who is caused by the Unknown Leader, He meets His Elder Brother's lifeless body causing comatose by Xavier.

Put The Record On

After releasing the Truth by DJ Ringoz about Xavier Mas blaming to Everyone for punching His eyes without permissions, Lucas decides to stay away from Him if He ever battles His Elder Brother no more. He wears His Elder Brother's gift to Him instead of Xavier's, He renames Himself as DJ Lyte the Now Leader of the Vinyl Club and passed His Brother's injuries. After He celebrates to became the Leader of DJs, He meets a Manly Thugs who takes down and hits Everyone in the Banks. While He needs to lefts His wallet with His Sidekick, DJ Clonuk's Swords and DJ Shuffle Warrior's Moneys, He has to bid something to Ven about His lost things. Suddenly in unseen footages, DJ Lyte assails the Street Leader and Friends that They ever brutalizes Innocent People. He is about to be killed by the Leading Thug, DJ Clonuk His Sidekick and Shuffle comes and confronts all of those Thugs. While Lucas VS Giant Thugs, DJ Clonuk VS Leading Street Thug X Shuffle VS All of the Minions of Thugs, They all tortures the Thugs in any slights and helps Everyone for being killed by Them. They Three calls the Policemen and arrests the Thugs while reunites Miss. Ven and haves Their lost items.

While being operated in the Tribe, Lucas remains the Female Reporter for abusing all of those Thugs who are imprisoned and incarcerated by Policemen, lately was now in Officers. DJ Lyte could have trained to became strongest member of the DJs while His Friends are having Their battles. He could have started to punches His Green Enemy after defeating Thugs and starts to ends to the Police with Friends. She has been sleeped alongside with Her Friends while DJ Lyte and DJ Ringoz finds a Monster.

Lucas later goes to the Matches while seeing DJ Asif VS DJ Avalanche who's results are Asif's. Later the Natch was DJ Rodri VS DJ Clonuk in a Match where They can be Both found in Arena. This Triple Match was DJ Kōda VS Ven in a Rich Attacks, She manages to finishes Him during the Ring of Tournament 2020 where He can be results to collects Her. The Fourth Match was DJ Numbers VS DJ Sweetzy in a School Match that Her results takes 2046808 down the Festival Room. The Fifth Match was DJ Az VS Olivia was in the Hottest Room where there is no results by Draws. The Finale Match was DJ Lyte VS DJ Zero but with His First Assault and won the Championships.

After revealing the dead parts of Avalanche's Friends, The X Animal begins (where all of the X Nations corrupts Them). DJ Clonuk assaults and punches all of the Animals while Lucas and friends assails everything. He holds down the Dark Wolf as DJ Clonuk shoots it and Him.

After Mr. Lucas had been accidentally Hurt His Feelings alongside with X Wolf, DJ Ringoz dismays DJ Clonuk that He ever takes down His Leader. He tries to keeps showing respect to Him until He knows that He only loves His Leader rather than not showing His Good Deeds. Along with Veneeria and Her Friends, He retreats the Ice Land and continues to defends His Best Friend Forever, DJ Vinyl.

DJ Clonuk thinks Highly of saving Mr. Vinyl from the Troublemaker who ever dares to takes down Innocent People, wishing how much Pain He has causes a Lots of Crimes. He also wants to know what happened to Xavier if He was coming with His Old Costume or not if He has to brings The X Soldiers to kills em All.

After the 6:O Clock Pm was starts to gets the Night Green, The X Soldiers Bombs all of the Doors and Floors and Lupus shows up and begins. Carl goes wild and battles the DJ Supporters that They every helps DJ Lyte. Everyone died in a Plague of X while He buys a Drinks for His Friends, the Policemen assails and tries to kills the Leader of X, but Lupus fights and attacks the Policemen that They ever tortures Him in any slights.

Before DJ X shows His Face to DJ Vinyl, Ms. Veneeria deeds to freezes All of the X Nations with Her Ice Powers. DJ Numbers and His Friends continues to finishes All of the X Nations where as Lucas Uber returns to finds out who did the massacre was, The Vinyl Club continues to slains All of the Soldiers while Carl kills the Police Leader after He takes down All of the Policemen. He saw what Their BothOfficial Employees killed by Someone else as of the Leader of X Nations knows the Locations where They are.

DJ X shows His Face to DJ Vinyl and DJ Clonuk helps and defends Him, but Lupus cames after Xavier says His Name. Lupus gets mad and challenges DJ Clonuk that He'll ever stay away from His Best Friend Forever. He tries to kills Him by His Swords but His Hammer attacks His Face, starts to amoks and ruins Him for getting His ways. DJ Clonuk tries to uses His Hands but Lupus can grows His Muscle and towers Himself as the Giant German Guy of Steel to takes down Him. He stomps, gets very angry and uses His Leg twices on His Face throwing away. But DJ Clonuk jumps Highly, chases Him and nearly destroys Lupus. He wants in DJ Vinyl's room but takes down Him. DJ Asif tries to assails Him but brutalized by Him. Lupus shoots DJ Kōda, DJ Az and Olivia for getting in His ways.

Lupus don't wanna kills DJ Numbers, DJ Rodri, Veneeria and DJ Sweetzy but only DJ Vinyl was. After He barges in His room, DJ Lyte shows up and begins. He kicks His Face for barging in the Hospital and uses His Leg to throws Him away. Xavier Mas warns Lupus to takes down DJ Vinyl but was interrupted by His younger brother, Lucas Uber. He shows that He brutally hates His tribes and makes fun of His Friends' injuries and wanting Him to passed away, but His downfall will never stay away from that.

Lucas assaults and punches Lupus' Face if He ever takes down His Friends. He starts to strangles with His Hammer to amoks Him but He assails Him for killing His Supporters, Feeding Him in a Resturant, He splits, Him and wents out back. Lucas understands Lupus to pees on His Female X Soldiers' pussies showing Their both panties, Red and twerks so badly to death by wets. He uses Him to kills His Male Comrades shooting His Back, kicks His tummy and steals His Hammer.

Lupus gets His Tall Muscle and grows Tall Heights again to hijacks Lucas but countered by Him who uses His Hammer. After He Tortures His Ahmmer in any slights, He goes wild over His Favorite Weapon and Banes His Manly Body to turns into a Monstrous Form growing Some of the Largest Size. Lupus attacks Lucas but He chases Him among the Vinyl City, He takes down the Buildings and loses to takes down Him for using His Female Supporters who show Their wet panties, Cyan and His Shades was at least Expensive where DJ Vinyl bought Him in the June 18. He brutallt went up to assaults Him for taking down Innocent People and throws Him by a Broken Hammer.

Lupus brutally went in a Rampage but Lucas punches His Tummy. He tries to attacks Him but He assails Him, He shoots all of His parts and flies away. The Four Survivors of the Vinyl Club in the Vinyl City knows what happened to Mr. Lyte but still listens to His Voices and comes to His Physical Victors, DJ Numbers is proud of His Presumed Won and crowds Him as the Mr. Lyte and congratulates Him. Lupus tries to retreats but Xavier shoots and physically kills Him for taking down Lucas.

DJ Numbers tries to kills Him but He has been warned by His Leader that the Leader of X Nations was Powerful Member in the Histories. Mr. Lyte confronts and assaults Mr. X that He is a Taker down of His Elder Brother, Mr. Vinyl. Xavier was Strongest Warrior of the Synopsis as He tries to kills Lucas by His Right Arm which marks His Gear, X. He and the Remaining Members of the Vinyl Club chases Him.

Off an encounter of DJ X taking down the Vinyl Supporters for the First Time where as DJ Lyte kills All of the X Nations alongside with His Remaining Units, DJ Numbers, DJ Rodri, Veneeria and DJ Sweetzy. He was after to the Leader of X Soldiers before He rans under the Place. He fought and attacked 4 of the Vinyl Club as a Result, He runs and makes it in the X City.

Lucas Uber was ready to tortures Him in any slights for taking down His Elder Brother, Luis Uber. Then He has kills One of the Red Soldiers and makes it in the Confrontation ways in orders to makes Him Pay. He saw Xavier Mas with His X Tank which is Build as a Largest Size of the Vehicle and tries to vows Himself to abuses All of the X Nations if They ever steps of the Lines.

The Brawl Battles between DJ Lyte and DJ X starts a clash in the X Tank where as His Friends are DJ Numbers, DJ Rodri, Veneeria and DJ Sweetzy confronts All of the X Nations while DJ Ringoz saw what Someone did in the Vinyl City and returns His Own Tribes alongside with DJ Zero, DJ Avalanche, DJ Zeo, DJ Shuffle Warrior and Mr. Panda in orders to captures and arrests Someone who ever takes down the Buildings in the Vinyl City.

Xavier Mas attacks and battles Lucas Uber that He ever cares about torturing Him in any slights. He jumps Highly and chases Him after slicing His Right Leg so Brutal during the 1st Events of Anime Gacha. He manages to kills Him until it happens, the Brutal Attacks of the All times Archenemies in orders to cure brings the World and brings Peace and Quiets. After the X Tank was abuses that it ever steps of the Lines, He tortures DJ Xavier in any slights and Won in the Encounters of the X Nations.

Season 2

This Aftermath after the X Nations where All defeated, Keitoku appeared in the Sequel of the Put The Record On Animations where He introduces Himself to DJ Lyte, Veneeria and DJ Clonuk. He calls out His Past Flashback against His All times Archenemy, Kilios who was corrupted by Sol and kills Everyone, Thus slicing His Both Bodies to turns into Arbiter and Wolf Spirit in orders to breaks up Their Bodies. DJ Lyte overwhelms Keito before the Skyline was ready to fights and attacks.

Vinyl Club travels to Another World in Space and was rent in the New Room before the Fight starts. Olivia wonders Her Leader, Mr. Lucas if He has a Relations with Her Best Friend Forever, Ms. Ven, Thus She has a Secs with Him and kissing Him while not being revealed in Her New Room. After They were All interrupted by the Team Corruptions, the Real Leader of the Team Corruptions begins. Sol assaults and punches DJ Ringoz that the Vinyl Club finishes X Soldiers. This is the Brawl Battle between the Vinyl Club and the Team Corruptions starts the Clash where as Lucas Uber encounters "Xavier Mas" which is the Paper Version before He releases Himself and attacks Him until He retreats Him.

After Vinyl Club and Team Corruptions prepares the Battles in the Tournaments, Veneeria finishes a Red Witch with 1 Shot Thus arresting Her. She manages to shoots Sol before They were interrupted by Mr. Ringoz until He takes down Him. Veneeria remained survived as of Mr. Lucas tries to tortures Sol the Unsealed in any slights until it happens that Corruption saves Him against the Vinyl Club and retreats, but the 3 Official Employees in Corruptions where arrested as of that, Veneeria and the Vimyl Club presumed won before DJ Phantom gets a Chance in orders to meets the Vinyl Club.

Season 3

Vinyl Club hires Ciera Dawn in orders to finishes All of the Phantom Vigilantes. Veneeria appreciates All of the Innocent People, Animals and Natures while the Other DJ Heroes works so Hard before DJ X cames as of DJ Numbers was taked down by Him where as DJ Lyte retreats and would have not be meeting Him once He tries to gets revenge on Him in orders to takes down Him.

She keeps sensing that She remembers Eve who is an Orphan losing Her Both Biological Parents, Thus being adopted by DJ X who saves Her alongside with the Phantom Vigilante's Leader, Ms. Ven vows Herself to finds the Leader of Phantom Vigilantes and will meets Someone who corrupts Xavier Mas. She is Ready alongside with the Vinyl Members in orders to defeats All of the Corruptions so He could have got Another Chance to finds a New Opponents.

Veneeria frozen All of the Phantom Vigilantes with Her Ice Powers while DJ Clonuk encounters a Guy who looks like Him from the Vinyl Club who is a Pawn of Damien while Ciera Dawn saves DJ Asif and assails Tybi (before it was exposed that She is the Twin Younger Sister of Reaperess Magy). She makes it and strikes back at DJ Eve who is an Orphan Adoptive Daughter of Mr. X.

She demands Her if only She assails Her. She freezes in the fights and attacks why She flies so She can finds out what happened to Both of Them when They are in the Clash of the Healers. Ms. Ven gets another chance in orders to finishes Eve so She can consintrate to kills the Corruptions before These Four DJs where interrupted causes by the Leader of Phantom Vigilantes, DJ Phantom who is ordered by Sol and The Corruption in orders to collects Them.

Mr. Phantom battles and challenges the Four DJs in orders to gets the Ultimate Record and woll give Team Corruptions His Goals so He can Won. DJ Kōda was added in a fight but was collected by His Twin Younger Brother. Clonuk slices His Right Leg until He uses His Scythe and takes down Him where as the 3 DJs remaining Themselves after Veneeria stops Eve an Orphan Adoptive Daughter who loses Her Parents and adopted by the Leader of the X Nations.

She assaults Damien alongside with Mr. Lyte, Mr. X, Ms. Clover and DJ Eve before Ciera Dawn and Gacha Summoner stops Him and the Phantom Vigilantes, DJ Vinyl's lifeless body was ressurected as of DJ Eve holds the Ultimate Record in orders to ends All of the Evil Vigilantisms before Cykopath was a Last Person to stands the World War III.

Season 4

Veneeria was ready to finishes All of the Evil Corruptions alongside with Her own Tribes, Vinyl Club in orders to cure brings the World. She continues Herself to appreciates Every Innocent People, Animals and Natures to ends the Corruptions when All of Her Friends trains so Hard to ends the Team Corruptions so the World would goes Peace and Quiet.

Veneeria realizes of Lyte's Twin Elder Brother, Vinyl who is shown to be Good, Kind and Friendly. She easily cure brings Kōda alongside with Jet Ace and Ciera Dawn after He battles Him, Xavier, Clonuk and DJ Asif. She will meets Someone who ever ego washes Him for NO Reasons of trying to kills His Friends and She will be prepraring to ends the World War III so the Vinyl City can live Peace and Quiet.

The World War III starts whwre it was exposed that the Bloodthirsty Vigilante named Cykopath who is extra responsible of creating More of the Vicious Fights and ressurects the Lifeless Bodies of Team Halloweens alongside with Shadow and Akumu The Nightmare amd this is the 4th Events of PTRO when Everyone are Hot-Headedly killed by the Zombies before the Vinyl Club prepares to joins the Attacks.

Veneeria freezes All of the Zombies where as Mr. Xavier confronts Cyko, Phantom fights the Zombiefied Frankenstein's Monster, Vinyl attacks Zesha, Kilios and Keito battles Rodrigues, Magy assaults the Headless Witch Claire who is shot by Scythe Ripper, Ciera challenges Candy Wendy (before Her Lifeless Body was Fully Ressurected in 1 Year Pass) and All of the Vinyl Club and Team Halloweens starts a War in the Raining Battles.

After More of the Villains were killed off the Screen, Ms. Ven and Her Friends tries to finishes Shadow and Akumu until the Awakened Cyko unleashes His Legendary Form and revives All of the Zombies again to kills Everyone else. After the War were fimished, She finishes Cykopath alongside with Vinyl Club. After the Final Battle of the Gacha Memories, She presumed kills Sol alongside with All of the Lunime Warriors to brings Peace and Quiets.


She was a Preset and a Battle Unit where She was in the PTRO Club, She confesses Her Real Relations with Lyte when the 2 rumors Themselves so there was no Corruptions. She saw the Drunk Version of Keitoku and She gets affected, Thus becomes a Drunk Keitoku before They were all finished and was cure bringed by Keitoku, Kilios, Inferno, Killer Reddox and Reed.

She is seen in a Beach where She can be part of the Group alongside with Clonuk, Sweetzy, Ringoz and Zeo until the New Corruptions cames, killing Every Innocent People including the Former Living of the Vinyl Club, DJ Peace who was killed during Gacha Resorts before Hatsya finishes and arrests Gacha Resorts Troublemakers for taking down Everyone else.

In Anime Fidget Spinner, All of the Vinyl Club tearing in front of DJ Ruka's lifless body so DJ Xavier can helps Them in the Funeral of the Innocent People. Altouugh She was a Water Unit of Hatsumi Kalantiao wielding Sweetzy, Ms. Olly, Blooming Tiff and Grandmaster Claire to keeps controls of His Fiancee's All times Archenemy, Fanboy Abel who is responsible of the lots of Damages before Hebwas cure bringed by Hatsya and Cyko so the World will live Peace and Quiet.


  • She dislikes and fears All of the Innocent People, Animals and Natures who are taked down causes by the Team Corruptions like Sol, The Corruption, Shadow and Akumu The Nightmare.


She also stays Good Enough as of Creator Luni was an Anti-Villainess.

It looks like Soon She was DJ Lyte's Fiancee.

She loves to controls Ice like DJ Avalanche, DJ Zeo and Reaperess Magy.

She hates The X Soldiers' Official Employee, Lupus who has cause a Damage due to His Hot-Headed Behavior after He takes down All of the Vinyl Supporters and Policemen including DJ Clonuk, DJ Asif, DJ Kōda, DJ Az and Olivia in Vinyl City so He can pay attentions to the Laws and would cares Highly about killing DJ Vinyl rather than Her, DJ Sweetzy, DJ Numbers and DJ Rodri.

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