Vanellope von Schweetz
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Background information
Feature films Wreck-It Ralph
Television programs
Video games Wreck-It Ralph
Park attractions
Voice Sarah Silverman
Performance model
Character information
Full name
Other names The Glitch
Personality good-hearted, sassy, racer, quirky, forgiving, persistent, cute
Appearance Young child with black hair in a pony-tail, with a green hoodie, Brown shirt, blue, red, and white socks, and black boots
Occupation Glitch in the Sugar Rush game
Goal To become a kart racer
Home Sugar Rush
Friends Wreck-It Ralph, Sergeant Calhoun, Fix-It Felix
Enemies King Candy, Taffyta Muttonfudge
Likes Candy, racing
Dislikes Getting bullied
Powers and abilities
Fate Becomes the rightful ruler of Sugar Rush
Quote "Are you a hobo?"

Vanellope von Schweetz is a cute and tomboyishly beautiful character of the 2012 film Wreck-It Ralph, the 52nd film in the Disney Animated Canon. She is voiced by Sarah Silverman.


Wreck-It Ralph

Vanellope is the first person Ralph meets when he arrives in the game Sugar Rush. She starts asking questions and bothering him and notices his medal and thinks it is a gold coin. She steals it and runs off, seeking to use it to get in the race. Since glitches aren't allowed in the race, she ditrsguises herself and is able to blend in with the other racers and give in the medal. However, she accidentally reveals herself and the king of Sugar Rush, King Candy, tries to get her arrested, and at the same time she is chased by Ralph, who wants his medal back. She escapes both the guards and Ralph and drives away in her racing kart. The other racers, led by Taffyta Muttonfudge, seek to keep her from racing and follow her. Vanellope is at first happy to see them and tries to befriend them, not knowing of their intentions, and the other racers try to force her not to participate in the race. When she refuses, the other racers start to smash her kart and she tries to pull them away but Taffyta pushes her away and she falls into a mud puddle. Ralph comes out of hiding and feels pity for her and scares the racers away. Vanellope doesn't even thank him and instead insults him. She makes Ralph a deal that if he gets her a different kart she will return the medal. Ralph agrees and they break into King Candy's city and build a kart, but King Candy arrives on the scene. Vanellope and Ralph drive away and escape into the diet cola mountain. There she reveals it is her home, and that she has been bullied for years and believs that if she wins the race, the other racers will be kind to her. Ralph trains her and Vanellope quickly becomes a great racer. King Candy comes by when Vanellope is gone and tells Ralph that if Vanellope races and the people playing see her glitching, they will think the game's broken and unplug it, and Vanellope will die since she cannot escape due to being a glitch. Candy gives Ralph his medal and leaves just as Vanellope comes back with a medal she made for Ralph. Unfortunately, she sees the medal and Ralph says he was talking to King Candy, and Vanellope thinks he revealed her location and decides to race without him, but Ralph hangs her from a tree and destroys the kart because he believed what Candy told him. Vanellope breaks down in tears and runs away while a heartbroken Ralph returns to his game. Vanellope is captured and imprisoned in King Candy's fungeon, but Ralph returns and frees her, having had her kart repaired by Fix-It Felix. He tells Vanellope that if she crosses the finish line that she will be a real racer and she drives into the race. During the race, she is nearly blown off the track by the other racers but manges to evade them and knock them off the track instead. Inside a cave, her kart is rammed by King Candy, who then tries to bash her head in with a car part. As they fight, robotic insects called the Cy-Bugs from Heroes Duty attack the audience. While Vanellope is fighting King Candy, she grabs the car part and glitches him, causing him to revert to his true form, Turbo, from TurboTime. She glitches away from him and Turbo is eaten by a Cy-Bug. Vanellope tries to follow the other racers to Game Central Station, but becuase she is a glitch she cannot cross. Ralph starts to repeatedly punch the diet cola mountain so it will erupt and attract the Cy-Bugs, who are attracted to light, but he is attacked by Turbo, who has fused with the Cy-Bug. Vanellope glitches to Ralph as he manages to erupt the volcano, and brings him to safety while Turbo and the bugs are destroyed. Vanellope crosses the finish line and the game resets, revealing Vanellope's true form as a regally and unbearably beautiful princess. Taffyta and the other racers apologize and are forgiven. Vanellope decides to stay a glitch and instead becomes president of Sugar Rush.


Vanellope first appears as a mean, annoying, bratty child, despite her cuteness and beauty who deliberately pesters Ralph when he comes to the Sugar Rush game in his quest to be a hero. She even steals the metal he got from the previous game, Hero's Duty. Even after he saves her from getting bullied she still pesters him. However, it is revealed she has a tragic backstory. Because she was dropped from the game, she is now considered a glitch by the other residents of the game and relentlessly bullied by them, which explains her rude behavior. She has a much softer side, crying when Ralph destroy her racing kart. Ralph eventually warms up to her, and she gradually becomes much kinder. Overall, Vanellope is a good person.