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The Undertaker or sometimes simply Taker is the titular main anti-heroic protagonist who appears in the WWE series. He is an undead gothic wrestler who owns his supernatural powers and he is better known for his Tombstone Piledriver, Chokeslam, Last Ride, Hell's Gates and Old School Moves.

He married to his wife Michelle McCool and they had a daughter named Kaia Faith Calaway. He has an dark element that he can manipulate the weather to scare a WWE Superstar especially for Randy Orton and his father who attempted to destroy him. But The Undertaker always defeat them to defend his legacy.

His half-brother is Kane, but in reality, they are actually good friends. He can also hypnotize the wrestlers by controlling their minds to make them teach an lesson to the angry rivals for doing bad things.

The Undertaker also appears in MTV's Downtown and Celebrity Deathmatch as one of the guest characters. He appeared in The Flintstones and WWE: Stone Age Smackdown! as one of the main protagonists, in Scooby-Doo! and WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon as the main protagonist and an ally to the Mystery Inc.. He also appears in Surf's Up 2: WaveMania as an penguin and an ally to Cody Maverick and his friends. He appears in Camp WWE as one of the main characters, he appears in WWE Story Time as one of the main characters.

Heroic Acts

He saved Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth from Jake Roberts.

He helped the All-Americans, Steiner Brothers and Lex Luger to take down Yokozuna and the half of the quebecers.

He gets his revenge on Yokozuna for putting him down few months ago for destroying his previous gimmick.

He gets revenge on King Mabel for breaking his orbital bone in the casket match.

He told his brother Kane and his manager Paul Bearer to stop hurting Sable's feelings.

He protected Fruity from adults in weirdo costumes. He saved Nicky Diamond Jr. from Captain Doody's possession. He pays respect to Owen Hart who died in a fatal fall accident.

He saved The Rock from DX and the McMahons.

He and Kane saved  Lita and the Hardy Boyz from Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H.

He redeems himself by showing respect to Jeff Hardy while defending his undispusted champion. He saved Stephanie McMahon from Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman.

He saved Stephanie McMahon from Mr. McMahon and Sable. He saved Stephanie McMahon from A-Train who has injured her earlier.

He saved Eddie Guerrero from Bradshaw and Orlando Jordan.

He gets revenge on Randy Orton and Bob Orton for burning him alive in the casket and in Eddie's car explosion by teaching them an lesson for doing bad things.

He gets revenge on Mark Henry for injuring him by using the Last Ride move.

He shows respect to Ric Flair who retires from wrestling.

He saved Rey Mysterio from his friend Batista.

He shows respect to Shawn Michaels.

He and Shawn Michaels helped Triple H to leave the Ring.

He defended Paul Bearer's honor from his rival CM Punk.

He saved John Cena from the Wyatt Family.

He defeated Bray Wyatt to seek his redemption.

He and Kane work together to defeat the Wyatt Family.

He defeated Shane McMahon to defend his legacy.

He helped the Mystery Inc. to stop Inferno by exposing Inferno's true identity to Mr. McMahon, so Mr. McMahon has never had to worry about his daughter and his son-in-law again.

He decides to spend the time with his wife Michelle McCool by taking care of his daughter Kaia Faith.

He defeated John Cena by accepting his challenge. He defeated Rusev in the casket match. He told Braun Strowman to leave Brock Lesnar alone. In Madison Square Garden, he helped Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman to defeat Kevin Owens, Elias and Baron Corbin.

He saved Roman Reigns from Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre. He helped Roman Reigns to defeat Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre by working together.

He defeated AJ Styles and OC for disrespecting his wife Michelle McCool by teaching them an lesson for their bad behaviors.

He is caring for his daughter Kaia Faith.