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Senpaibuns serves as One of the Minor Femme Protagonist from the Video Game Series direct to videos Show of Gacha League who makes Her Debut in Gacha Life. She also appears in Gacha Life 2 - The Club and Gacha Life 3 - The WonderEnd.

She is an Adoptive Younger Sister of Lucas Lee and Charlotte Mei and is One of the Powerful Magical Girls in the Histories the Others was Pirate Jessie and Kuku Kanzaki. Buns is also a Best Friend of Bex.


Senpaibuns is a Young Girl with an Orange Yellow Hair and Blue Eyes and Headband. She wears a Pink Sailor School Uniform with a White Scarf, Skirt and Shoes. Alongside with Her Best Friend Forever, Bex when transforms, She turns into a Tall, Muscular Woman.

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