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  • After I adopted the wiki, I changed the name to match the website address, so now the wiki is for more than just heroes. Any good guys are allowed, but be careful about saying a character is a hero when they really aren't.

    Also, I am going to try and cut back on the number of categories on each page. A lot of times, people add categories instead of writing things about the character because it's easier to put an "arrogant" category on the page instead of showing how the character is arrogant. Please help out by not adding categories unless there are sentences on the page to support the categories.

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    • Then each one is "one of the protagonists" or "one of the main characters". Too many people go for the Highlander method of saying "there can be only one".

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    • Yeah, even with eponymous heroes (Xavier Riddle, Naruto Uzumaki, Arnold Shortman) there's arguably other main chars.

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