Background information
Feature films Hercules
Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse
Television programs Hercules: The Series
House of Mouse
A Poem Is...
Video games Hercules
Kingdom Hearts II
Park attractions
Voice Susan Egan
Performance model
Character information
Full name
Other names Meg
Personality Independent, beautiful, sarcastic, brave, smart, and dry witted.
Appearance Skinny, brown hair, fair skin
Occupation Hercules' lover/wife and also the employer of the Underworld.
Goal Marry Hercules and get a job of the Underworld.
Friends Hercules, Zeus, Pegasus, Philoctetes
Enemies Hades, Pain and Panic, Nessus, Pete
Likes Hercules
Dislikes Hades, heights
Powers and abilities
Fate Marries Hercules and perhaps get a job in the Underworld.
Quote 'It's been a real slice."

Megara is one of the main characters in Disney's Hercules. She is Hercules' love interest and later wife. She is around 22 years old. Megara is voiced by Susan Egan.



Megara had sold her sold to Hades previously to save her boyfriend, but he dumped her out of spite for another woman, leaving Megara heartbroken and under Hades control. On the way to Thebes Meg was chased by a centaur named Nessus and told Hercules she could handle it. After Hercules defeated Nessus, Megara was in big trouble with Hades. Hades asked her why she didn't recruit him. But, Megara told him it was Hercules and Hades was angered to learn that Hercules was still alive. However, Megara ran to tell Hercules that Pain and Panic were in the gorge and Hercules rescued them. Hercules defeated the Hydra and the other monsters causing Hades to be raged. Hades decided to use Megara to find a weakness in Hercules. Megara takes Hercules out on a date and they fell in love. Megara was Hercules's weakness because he had strong romantic feelings for her. Hades intervened and he had trick up his sleeve: He would make her as his prisoner! Hades made a false bargain with Hercueles and she frantically convinces Hercules not to make the deal but, Hercules didn't listen to her. After she was free, Hades spitefully revealed that she was his pawn all the time! After the Cyclops was defeated, Meg pushed Hercules out of the way from the falling pillar and the pillar crushed her. Hercules regained his strength and Hades's deal was broken. After Hades was gone forever, Hercules returned to her soul and had a happy ending.