Geronimo Stilton
Geronimo Cartoon Model
Background information
Feature films
Television programs Geronimo Stilton
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Brian Drummond
Performance model
Character information
Full name
Other names Gerry Berry, Geronimoid, Cousinkins
Personality Smart, intelligent, cowardly, comical
Appearance Light brown bipedal mouse
Occupation Editor-in-chief of the Rodents Gazette
Goal To finish his books
Friends Thea Stilton, Trap Stilton, Benjamin Stilton, Petunia Pretty Paws, Hercules Poirat
Enemies Sally Ratmousen, Simon Squealer
Likes His books, his nephew Benjamin, reading
Dislikes Adventures, noise
Powers and abilities
Fate Finishes his adventures and makes books about them
Quote "My name is Stilton, Geronimo Stilton."

Geronimo Stilton is the main character of the famous children's book and cartoon series of the same name. He is a quiet and intelligent mouse who lives in New Mouse City, the capital of Mouse Island. He loves to write and publish books, but dislikes to go on adventures and prefers to read and write in peace. Unfortunately for him, Geronimo is often dragged onto adventures by his braver family and friends. His favorite nephew is Benjamin.


Geronimo, as mentioned before, is a very quiet mouse and wants nothing more than to write his stories and publish them. He is often subject to comical injuries and is teased by his sister and cousin. However, he cares for his nephew, whoi in turn loves him. He will do anything for his nephew, and has shown bravery on several occasions, notaqbly saving his nephew's life in "All Because of A Cup of Coffee, and rescuing his nephew's best friend Bugsy Wugsy in Run For the Hills, Geronimo." But he is usually portrayed as quite cowardly, and has admitted to being this. One of the things he is afraid of is Halloween. He loves cheesy chews, his favorite chocolate. He has a crush on Petunia Pretty Paws. This love is mutual.


Thea Stilton

Geronimo and Thea are siblings. They do care for each other, but their different personalities and interests sometimes leads to disagreements. Whereas Geronimo is quiet and shy and doesn't like going on adventures, Thea is adventurous, brave, and tough. She is a special correspondent for the Rodents Gazette. Thea appears to believe she is more famous than Geronimo. Thea likes to call geronimo Gerry Berry. She likes to come to Geronimo when he least suspetcs it to ask him to come with her on adventures. Thea thinks of Geronimo as being cowardly.