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Ferry Restifik is the Novenary Protagonist from Gacha League who makes His Debut in Gacha Resort. He also became a Presets in the Rest of Ongoing Lunime Games like Gacha World, Gacha Studios, Gachaverse, Gacha Life, Gacha Life 2 - The Club and Gacha Life 3 - The WonderEnd.

He is a Wind Unit who is a Summoner and creats more of His Flamboyant Actions to defends Himself against the Troublemakers Forever. He is also a Team of 1chi who is responsible of reviving Lucas Lee after Cykopath takes down Him ordered by Sol.

He was Both voiced by Kōji Yusa in Anime Adaptions and Jarrod Greene in Netflix Adaptions. The Whom in Dub titles who also voices Hitoshi Shinso from My Hero Academia.

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