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Fa Mulan is the main and title character in the animated Disney film Mulan and its sequel, Mulan II. She is voiced by Ming-Na. Mulan is based on Hua Mulan from the poem The Ballad of Mulan. Mulan is a young Chinese 16 year old teenage girl who joined the army disguised as a man so that her sick father wouldn't go.

Fa Mulan is the eighth official Disney Princess, and the only one not to be royalty through birth or marriage.



Mulan is having difficulty fitting in with the people and their culture. While presenting herself as a bride, she is giving herself an apparently lucky cricket named Cri-Kee to help her. Unfortunately, Mulan embarrasses herself and dishonors her family. Upset, she wipes off her makeup, wondering when society will accept her. Not long after, the Chinese army comes into town with the message that the Hun army is invading, and that every man from a household must join. The Fa family is called, and Mulan's sick father Fa Zhou is to join the army.


  • Mulan is the first official Chinese Disney Princess.
  • Mulan is one of the few Disney protagonists with a body count, as she is responsible for the death of nearly the entire Hun army.