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Jonathan Good (Born December 7, 1985) serves as One of the Major Protagonist from WWE who is an American Professional Wrestler currently signed to WWE under the Ring of Dean Ambrose. He's Now One of the Secondary Protagonist on the Show. In His Childhood, He was a Big Fan of Pro Wrestler, Bret "Hitman" Hart. He was Born and Raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and Pretty Much of His Character in the Business is based on His Real-Life Persona.

He has been in numerous pro wrestling promotions such as HWA, CZW, a few times in ROH, DGUSA and More. In AEW (Also Known As All Elite Wrestling), He is known as Jon Moxley in the Mentioned Promotions. He was started being called Dean Ambrose in the WWE's Developmental Territory FCW now known as WWE NXT.

He was portrayed by Himself, only.


Much of the Character of Dean Ambrose is based on Jonathan Good's real life persona. Dean Ambrose's Character Type would be classified as a Lunatic. Dean's goals are to raises Hell on Any Person who crosses paths with ex, (Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt, Kane, Triple H, etc.) Dean is also described to be verbally arrogant and was called the "Mouthpiece of the Shield" in 2013. Dean is considered to be an Anti-Hero, much like WWE Hall of Famer and Legend, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

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